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MRP first draft submission: 
February 2014
Allocation of Implementation Funding: 
May 2014
Closing Date: 
March 31, 2019

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PDF icon Morocco: PMR Project Implementation Status Report 2018 English April 2018
PDF icon Morocco: Perspective for the COP22 English October 2016
PDF icon Morocco: PMR Project Implementation Status Report English April 2016
Market Readiness Proposal
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PDF icon Morocco: Final MRP English May 2014
PDF icon Morocco: Final MRP Presentation English May 2014

Market-based Approach


 Flickr Creative Commons. Ahron de LeeuwMorocco is open to one day participating in an international carbon market.

Photo source: Flickr Creative Commons. Ahron de Leeuw.

Morocco finalized its Market Readiness Proposal (MRP) in May 2014. Morocco has identified three sectors -- electricity generation, cement production, and phosphate processing -- as target areas to achieve GHG mitigation. The proposal targets activities related to upstream policy analysis, data management and MRV capacity, and sectoral piloting. Specifically, activities in each of these areas will include:

Upstream Policy Analysis: analyze mitigation instruments, including market-based instruments, that could be suitable for Morocco.

Data Management and MRV: develop a database for GHG emissions and an MRV system and pilot that MRV system in each of the three sectors.

Sectoral Piloting: sector-specific GHG baselines, sector mitigation potential assessments, and a regulatory framework for measuring and reporting GHG emissions from each sector.

National Context

Mitigation Targets

Morocco is committed to incorporating climate change mitigation into its economic growth strategy, principally through the development of renewable energy. The country has defined an ambitious energy strategy to promote energy efficiency and develop large-scale renewable energy, which includes: targets to reduce energy consumption by 12% by 2020 and 15% by 2030 and to increase the capacity of renewable energy to 42% of the total power generation capacity by 2020. This 42% would be made up of  14% solar power, 14% wind power, and 14 % hydro power. Morocco seeks to build on its CDM experience and explore how it can develop its market readiness to support its climate change mitigation effort and facilitate the introduction of clean technologies.

Achieving the Targets

By 2016, Morocco aims to:

  • Assess programs and mitigation actions in Morocco and define sectoral baselines;
  • Select sectors to developm NAMAs and the technical, institutional, and legal design needed to implement them;
  • Design and implement a national registry of emissions and mitigation actions;
  • Implement a national MRV system to support the maintenance of a GHG emissions inventory and MRV systems for the selected NAMAs; and
  • Implement capacity-building program for actors on market mechanisms instruments.

In the mid-term (by 2018), Morocco aims to pilot a carbon market instrument based on its experience with credited NAMAs. This could one day lead to a domestic carbon market instrument and/or integration with the international carbon market (i.e., potential inclusion in the EU-ETS).

Focal Point

The PMR focal point is the Ministry of General Affairs & Governance (MGAG). Its primary role is to coordinate inputs between various ministries. Together with the Ministry of Economy & Finance, which is responsible for monitoring the allocation of funding and management procedures, the MGAG will ensure consistency of the country’s strategies and monitor the implementation of its policies.

Other Ministries involved in supporting the PMR include:

  • Deputy Ministry in charge of General Affairs and Governance;
  • Ministry of Economy and Finance;
  • Department of Energy, Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment;
  • Department of Environment, Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment;
  • Ministry of Equipment and Transport;
  • Ministry of the Interior;
  • Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and New Technologies; and
  • Ministry of Habitat, Urban Planning, and Urban Policy.

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PDF icon Morocco: Organizing Framework English March 2012
PDF icon Morocco: Expression of Interest (EoI) English May 2011
PDF icon Morocco: Expression of Interest Letter English May 2011
PDF icon Morocco: Expression of Interest Presentation English May 2011
Document Language Date
PDF icon Resolution PA9/2014-2: Implementation Phase Funding Allocation to Morocco English May 2014
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PDF icon 2019 Morocco PMR Project Implementation Status Report.pdf English April 2019