PMR Actors

A Partnership to Foster Innovation

A global partnership, the PMR brings together the key actorscountries, organizations, and expertsto spark innovative aproaches to GHG mitigation using markets and carbon pricing.

The 19 Implementing Country Participants are middle income countries that receive funding and technical support from the PMR. Thirteen Contributing Participants contribute funding and share relevant experience. Together, these two groups make up the Partnership Assembly (PA), the PMR's decision-making body.

South Africa is an Implementing Country Participant to the PMR Japan is a Contributing Participant to the PMR A number of international organizations participate in the PMR The PMR Secretariat is responsible for day-to-day operations

The partnership also includes a third participant categorythe Technical Partner. Technical Partners represent countries or sub-national jurisdictions that are at an advanced stage of carbon mitigation policy development. While they do not participate in decision-making, they provide valuable lessons and ground truthing and are an important contribution to the PMR's knowledge exchange.

The PMR also benefits from the knowledge, experience and participation of Observers. PMR Observers are countries, multilateral development banks, UN organizations and other non-governmental organizations that join the dialogue on market readiness and market-based approaches at PMR meetings and events. A growing group of Technical Experts provides feedback on country proposals and facilitates learning during workshops and trainings.

The World Bank acts as Delivery Partner, overseeing the implementaiton of PMR funding to Implementing Country Participants, and as Secretariat, managing day-to-day operations.