The Building Blocks of Market Readiness

Country, Technical, and Policy work streams come together to identify and fill gaps in countries’ market “readiness” for mitigation action.

The core work of the PMR is to help countries develop the readiness components – such as GHG baselines, systems for MRV, or offset standards – specific to their mitigation goals. For those countries ready to design and implement a carbon pricing instrument, the PMR provides a platform to pilot. Developing readiness and piloting instruments come together in the PMR’s Country Work and is embodied in the Market Readiness Proposal (MRP). As the partnership has evolved, two additional work programs have developed to enhance support: Technical Work and Policy Work.

Country Work

PMR Country Work focuses on the readiness activities detailed in countries' the Market Readiness Proposals (MRP). Using a building block approach, countries present their existing mitigation policy contexts, identify readiness components to design or strengthen, target sectors and, if appropriate, select market instruments to pilot. Click here to for a list of final MRPs or here to learn more about the Participant Process.

Technical Work

The Technical Work Program promotes best practices and facilitates efforts to establish common standards and approaches for GHG mitigation. Drawing on country experience, global industry experts, and in-house resources, the PMR generates knowledge products and exchanges on various technical elements related to carbon pricing.

Policy Work

The Policy Work program offers countries targeted, in-depth support to model the costs and benefits of policy options, analyze interactions between policies, and integrates this analysis into low-carbon development plans and strategies. It also provides tools to help countries determine post-2020 mitigation scenarios and build NDCs.