Monitoring & Evaluation

To monitor and evaluate the activities of the PMR, the Partnership Assembly employs a results framework to:

  1. Assess performance at the global level, through periodic evaluations by an independent third party:
  • The first Independent Evaluation was carried out by an evaluation team from the Development Portfolio Management Group of the University of Southern California (USC/DPMG) in 2015. 
  • The second Independent Evaluation commenced in August 2017 and will be completed by July 2018. The Inception Report provides an overview of its methodology and scope.
  1. Monitor the status and progress of PMR activities at the country level, by relying mainly on the World Bank’s existing supervision processes to provide reporting on the implementation and outcome of grant-financed activities

Additionally, the United Kingdom carries out and publishes its own evaluation of PMR. These can be downloaded below:

2016 United Kingdom Annual PMR Review (UK PMR Logical Framework)
2015 United Kingdom Annual PMR Review
2013 United Kingdom Annual PMR Review
2012 United Kingdom Annual PMR Review