Knowledge Center

A platform to share knowledge on the future of cost-effective climate change mitigation

A variety of knowledge exchanges and knowledge products maximize country-to-country sharing. The resources on this page share knowledge emerging from PMR-financed initatives and activities, including from PMR Participants, and highlight some key external resources on cost-effective mitigation.

PA Meetings Technical Notes and Guidance Documents

The Partnership Assembly (PA) is the governing body of the PMR. It consists of all Contributing Participants and Implementing Country Participants. PA meetings are held two or three times per year to provide strategic guidance, endorse the participation of new countries and funding proposals, and approve the allocation of PMR funding.


The PMR publishes Technical Notes and Guidance Documents to provide insight and guidance on an array of aspects associated with carbon pricing. The publications contribute to the ongoing work of the PMR as well as to the general debate on carbon pricing.

Technical Workshop and Meetings Newsletters

Technical workshops provide an important platform for countries and other stakeholders to engage in discussion on technical, regulatory, and institutional aspects of carbon pricing. The PMR also holds technical meetings, which are tailored to the needs and programs of a specific country, as well as country-to-country exchanges on a particular subject matter.


The PMR circulates electronic newsletters regularly to provide periodic updates on its activities, both at the program and country levels. The Newsletter provides information of interest to the community, including an overview of upcoming and past events. The China Carbon Market Monitor provides timely information across the seven Chinese pilot carbon markets. It also provides analysis of climate policy and market developments at the national level in China.

Technical Trainings Country Studies and Reports

Training sessions are designed as hands-on learning events featuring case studies and group exercises to examine the practical considerations of a specific technical component, such as MRV. Trainings are offered tailored to country-specific or regional-specific needs.


Country Studies and Reports include the outputs from the activities untaken by PMR participating countries.


Public Events Annual and Operational Reports

The PMR organizes public events and strategic dialogues to facilitate discussions on topics ranging from domestic climate action to showcasing the experiences and lessons learned from the use of carbon pricing instruments. These events are open to the public and media and offer a valuable forum for interaction with a wide audience.


The Annual Report provides detailed information on PMR performance at the partnership and country level.
Operational reports such as progress reports on the Policy and Technical Work Programs as well as Resolutions and documents can be found in the Search function as well as in each of the PA Meetings.

Webinars and E-Learning    
  Webinars and E-learning present opportunities for knowledge sharing and capacity building by providing practitioners with a convenient and cost-efficient platform for collaboration.