Role of the World Bank Group

The World Bank Group acts as Secretariat, Trustee, and Delivery Partner.


The World Bank Group provides secretariat services to the PMR including leading the Technical Work and Policy Programs; organizing and delivering meetings and events; collaborating on e-learning and webinar tools, and delivering technical assistance to participant countries as they implement their PMR activities. This latter work is done in partnership with the World Bank's operational units so that the assistance provided is customized to each country. Leveraging the Bank’s convening power, the Secretariat collaborates with a number a technical experts and organizations to deliver its work program.


The World Bank GroupThe PMR is a World Bank Group multi-donor trust fund. As of March 2017, 13 donors have contributed a total of $127 million. The Bank acts as trustee, administering funds and managing an annual budget and expense report. A budget is presented to the Partnership Assembly for approval each year.

Delivery Partner

The World Bank GroupThe World Bank Group acts as delivery partner to all of the Implementing Country Participants. As delivery partner, the Bank is responsible for a) collaborating with and assisting these countries in carrying out their PMR work programs, b) supervising grant implementation and c) providing technical assistance as needed.

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