Partnership Assembly Meeting (PA11): London

The 11th PA meeting featured the presentation of South Africa's final MRP and country updates from China, India, Jordan, the European Commission, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom.
Mar 10 - 11, 2015
London, UK
Day 1: March 10, 2015
8:30 Registration
1. Opening and Introduction
Co-chair: Claudia Diaz, Low Carbon Resilient Development Program, Colombia
Co-chair: Ian Trim, Department of Energy and Climate Change, UK
Baroness Verma, Department of Energy and Climate Change, UK
Ben Lyon, Department of Energy and Climate Change, UK
Christian Grossmann, World Bank
Xueman Wang, PMR Secretariat
Update Since PA10
2. Information Sharing
Participants and Observers shared relevant policy developments through PowerPoint presentation or oral briefings.
Wang Shu, NDRC, China
China: Update on National ETS Developments
Martin Hession, DG for Climate Action, European Commission
Brijesh Pandey, Ministry of Finance, India
Debasish Prusty, Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change, India
Tsuyoshi Kawakami, Ministry of Environment, Japan
Japan: Update on the Recent Development of Joint Crediting Mechanism
Abdelkarim Shalabi, Ministry of Environment, Jordan
Jordan: Update on Policy Developments and Third National Communication
Paul van Heyningen, Department of Energy and Climate Change, United Kingdom
United Kingdom: Overview of Domestic Carbon Pricing Policies
Lawrence Avery, Department of Energy and Climate Change, UK
United Kingdom and Germany: Overview of the NAMA Facility
John Kilani, Sustainable Development Mechanisms Programme, UNFCCC
UNFCCC: Outcomes from Lima
Thomas Kerr, World Bank
Update on Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition
11:30 Break
3. Presentation of Final MRP for Decision on MRP Implementation Funding
South Africa presented a draft MRP at PA10 in Santiago. In this session, South Africa present the core elements of its final MRP, highlighting any significant changes from the draft version. This version of the MRP is consiered for a funding allocation decision under agenda item 11.
Cecil Morden and Peter Janoska, Economic Tax Analysis, South Africa
South Africa: Final MRP Presentation
South Africa: Final MRP
13:00 Lunch
4. Operations Monitoring System, Due Diligence Proces,s and Update on Countries’ PMR Project Implementation
The Results Framework—endorsed at PA7 in Marrakesh—proposes to establish a system to monitor the status and progress of PMR operations at the country level (the PMR Operations Monitoring System). At PA10, the Secretariat presented the Operations Monitoring System (Note PA10-2014-1). In this session, the Secretariat presented a revised version of the Operations Monitoring System (Note PA11-2015-1).

In addition, the World Bank provided information on the due diligence process it conducts to assess technical, economic, and fiduciary aspects of the Implementing Countries’ PMR Projects, and on the negotiation of implementation and project management arrangements.

Third, Implementing Country Participants that have started the implementation of their PMR project activities provided a brief update on the progress made to date.
Adrien de Bassompierre and Taisei Matsuki, PMR Secretariat
Update on the Operations Monitoring System
Note PA11-2015-1
Chandra Shekhar Sinha, World Bank
Overview of the World Bank Due Diligence Process
15:30 Break
5. Crediting-related Activities under the PMR: Current Status and Possible Ways Forward
Participants provided feedback on the study Crediting-related Activities under the PMR: Status and Support for Implementation. Participants discusessd the ways forward for the PMR support to the crediting-related activities and the current status and potential future role of crediting-related readiness activities in the Implementing Countries.
Alexandrina Platonova-Oquab, PMR Secretariat
Crediting-Related Activities under the PMR
Draft Study: Crediting-related Activities under the PMR
Alyssa Gilbert, Ecofys
Main Findings from the Study Crediting-related Activities under the PMR
Brice Quesnel, World Bank
18:30 Wrap up
End of Day 1
Day 2: March 11, 2015
6. Update on Upstream Policy AnalyticalWork
The PA endorsed and allocated a budget at PA9 in Cologne to support countries’ efforts to establish post-2020 mitigation scenarios and identify a package of effective and cost-efficient policies—including carbon pricing instruments—to achieve mitigation ambition. The Secretariat reported on overall progress made under this work stream since PA10, including the development of common methodological framework and an update on country-level activities.
Xueman Wang, PMR Secretariat
Upstream Analytical Support Update and Progress Report
Xueman Wang, PMR Secretariat and John Ward, Vivid Economics
Common Methodological Framework
Nathaly Torregroza, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Colombia
Colombia: Assessment of Post-2020 Mitigation Scenarios
10:30 Break
7. Update on Technical Work Program and Knowledge Sharing
The Technical Work Program supports countries by helping them develop carbon market infrastructure and promoting sharing of experience with others. The Secretariat presented an update of this work stream and provided an opportunity for knowledge sharing with other organizations.
Pauline Kennedy and Pierre Guigon, PMR Secretariat
Update on Technical Work Program
Emilie Alberola, CDC Climat and Sylvain Cail, Enerdata
Research on Program on Coordination of EU Policies on Energy and CO2 by 2030
12:30 Lunch
8. First Independent Evaluation Report
DPMG/USC presented the final draft versions of (a) the First Independent Evaluation Report and (b) the Evaluation Framework. In addition, the Evaluation Working Group and the Secretariat shared views and reflections on the evaluation process and on the report's conclusions and recommendations. The endorsement of the Evaluation Framework will be postponed to a later PA meeting.
John Redwood, DPMG/USC
First Independent Evaluation Report
Document: First Independent Evaluation Report
Ben Rattenbury, Evaluation Working Group
Views from the Evaluation Working Group
Adrien de Bassompierre, PMR Secretariat
Reflections from the Secretariat
15:00 Break
9. Strategic Orientation for the Future of the PMR
In an effort to further facilitate discussions on strategic orientation for the future of the PMR, the Secretariat provided background information and an update.
Xueman Wang, PMR Secretariat
Update on Strategic Orientation for the Future of the PMR
10. Scope and Process for Funding Additional Activities
As agreed at PA10, the Secretariat prepared a Note on Scope and Process for Funding Additional Activities (Note PA11-2015-2) in order to outline modality for future support under the Upstream Policy Analytical work stream. The Secretariat presented this Note, Deepening Readiness Support: Options for Funding Additional Activities under the PMR (Note PA11-2015-2) that outlines initial thinking and a proposal on procedures and criteria for Implementing Countries to apply for additional support under the PMR.
Maja Murisic, PMR Secretariat
Proposal on Scope and Process for Funding Additional Activities under the PMR
Note PA11-2015-2
11. Next Steps and Adoption of Decisions
Meredith McGreavy, PMR Secretariat
Next Steps and Calendar of Events
Adoption of Decisions by Participants
o Allocation of Implementation Phase Funding to South Africa
Resolution No. PA11/2015-1
17:45 Wrap up
End of PA11

Meeting Documents

Final MRP Documents

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