Partnership Assembly Meeting (PA10): Santiago

Vietnam presented its final Market Readiness Proposal and California, Quebec, Australia, Chile, China, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, and the United States shared information on their latest carbon pricing and market readiness work.
Nov 03 - 04, 2014
Santiago, Chile
Day 1: November 3, 2014
8:30 Registration
1. Opening and Introduction
Co-chair: Claudia Diaz, Low Carbon Resilient Development Program, Colombia
Co-chair: Marko Berglund, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finland
H.E. Máximo Pacheco, Minister of Energy, Chile
James Close, World Bank
Vikram Widge, World Bank
Xueman Wang, PMR Secretariat
Update Since PA9
2. Information Sharing
Participants and Observers were encouraged to share relevant policy developments through PowerPoint presentation or oral briefings.
Ken Xie, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia
Australia: Update on Domestic Policy Developments and the ER Fund
Juan Pedro Searle, Ministry of Energy, Chile
Chile: Update on Carbon Tax
Wang Shu, NDRC, China
China: Update on ETS pilots
Naoki Torii, Ministry of Environment, Japan
Japan: Recent Development of Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM)
Dicky Hindarto, Indonesia Joint Crediting Mechanism Secretariat
Indonesia: Recent Development of JCM
Luis Muñozcano, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Mexico
Mexico: Recent Development of JCM
Ashley Allen, State Department, United States
U.S.: Update on Implementation of the U.S. Climate Action Plan
Amy Steen, Sustainable Development Mechanisms Programme, UNFCCC
UNFCCC: Update from the Bonn Climate Change Conference
11:15 Break
3. Technical Partners: Update on California and Quebec
As defined in the Governance Framework and Rules of Procedure, the PA may, on the basis of the recommendation of the Secretariat, accept a country or a sub-national jurisdiction as a Technical Partner. California and Québec have expressed interest to join the PMR as Technical Partners. They provided an update on recent developments of their market-based instruments, as well as presented their proposal for engaging with the PMR for approval.
Michael Gibbs, Air Resources Board, California
California Climate Program
André Boisclair, Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Fight Against Climate Change, Québec
12:30 Lunch
4. Presentation of Final MRP for Decision on MRP Implementation Funding

Vietnam presented a draft MRP at PA9 in Cologne for feedback from the PA. Based on this feedback, Vietnam revised its MRP. The country presented the core elements of its final MRP, highlighting significant changes from the draft version. Following the presentation, there was time for clarifying questions and discussion. The PA considered this version of the MRP for a funding allocation decision. Adoption of a resolution on funding allocation was made under agenda item 13.
Luong Quang Huy, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam
Presentation of the Final MRP
Vietnam Final MRP
5. Presentation of the Operations Monitoring System and Update on Countries’ MRPs

Implementing Country Participants that are in the process of preparing the MRP or have been allocated implementation phase funding updated the PA on the status of their work, focusing on developments since their last update to the PA.

In addition, the Results Framework—endorsed at PA7 in Marrakesh—proposed to establish a system to monitor the status and progress of PMR operations at the country level (the Operations Monitoring System). The Secretariat presented the Note on the Operations Monitoring System (Note PA10-2014-1), which included the PMR Dashboard and the Country MRP Implementation Report, for discussion and feedback from the PA.
Adrien de Bassompierre and Taisei Matsuki, PMR Secretariat
Presentation of the Operations Monitoring System
Note PA10-2014-1
15:45 Break
6. Update on Technical Work Program

Fostering knowledge exchange is a core objective of the PMR. The Secretariat reported back on recent developments on its Technical Work Program and presented a work plan for the activities on ETS, carbon tax, and carbon pricing readiness for private sector.
Pauline Kennedy, Pierre Guigon and Maja Murisic, PMR Secretariat
Update on Technical Work Program
Update on Carbon Pricing Readiness for Private Sector
7. Strategic Orientation for the Future of the PMR

During the discussions on strategic orientation of the future of the PMR that took place at PA7 in October 2013 Marrakech, the PA agreed that strategic discussion should be an ongoing process, which needs to be carried out regularly. Following up on the first round of strategic discussions, the Secretariat presented how the PMR implementation and support to countries could be strengthened for PA’s feedback and guidance.
Xueman Wang, PMR Secretariat
Presentation on the Strategic Direction
18:45 Day 1 Wrap Up
Day 2: November 4, 2014
8. Presentation of Draft MRP

South Africa has submitted the draft MRP, which it presented in order to seek feedback from the PA. Representatives from the Expert Groups, who carried out the Expert Feedback Process, also presented observations and suggestions. Based on feedback received, South Africa will revise its MRP and submit it for funding consideration at PA11.
Cecil Morden, Economic Tax Analysis, National Treasury, South Africa
Peter Janoska, Economic Tax Analysis, National Treasury, South Africa
Jongikhaya Witi, Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa
Presentation of Draft MRP
South Africa Draft MRP
John Ward, Director, Vivid Economics
Presentation by a representative of the Expert Group
10:30 Break
9. Update on Upstream Analytical Policy Work

The PA endorsed and allocated a budget at PA9 in Cologne to support countries to carry out Upstream Analytical Policy support to Implementing Country Participants. The Secretariat reported back on the progress made since PA9. Implementing Country Participants presented the summary of activities that are being carried out at the country-level.
Xueman Wang and Marcos Castro, PMR Secretariat
Update on Upstream Analytical Policy Support
Background paper
12:15 Lunch
10. Stocktaking of Countries' Scaled-up ER Crediting Programs

Several Implementing Country Participants opted to pursue scaled-up emission reduction crediting programs under their MRPs. In an effort to examine the status and challenges, as well as put forward recommendations to enhance support for the implementation of these MRPs, initial findings of a dedicated study were be presented. Participants were also invited to use this opportunity to discuss the elements, scope, and objectives of “readiness” activities in a broader PMR context.
Michael Lazarus, Stockholm Environment Institute
Crediting-related Activities under the PMR: Status and Support for Implementation
15:00 Break
11. Update on the Performance Evaluation System

The first part of the Results Framework—endorsed at PA7 in Marrakesh—proposed to establish a system to evaluate the performance of the PMR (Performance Evaluation System). The Secretariat presented an update on the Performance Evaluation System at PA9 in Cologne, which included the preparation of an Evaluation Framework and the implementation of the First Independent Evaluation. The Secretariat and DPMG, the consulting firm carrying out the assignment, presented the draft Evaluation Framework and the draft Evaluation Report and collected feedback from the PA on the two documents which have been circulated prior to PA10.
Adrien de Bassompierre, PMR Secretariat
Update on the PMR Performance Evaluation System
John Redwood, Development Portfolio Management Group, University of California
Presentation of the draft versions of the Evaluation Framework
Presentation of the First Independent Evaluation Report
12. Process and Procedures for PA Decision-making through Electronic Means

The PMR’s Rules of Procedure (Article 9.1) allow for approval of allocation of PMR resources to the Implementing Country Participants via electronic means. The session was an opportunity for Participants to discuss options, including the allocation of implementation phase funding via electronic means on a case-by-case basis. Note PA10-2014-2, providing Background Note on PA Decision-making through Electronic Means, was circulated by the Secretariat.
Maja Murisic, PMR Secretariat
PA Decision-Making through Electronic Means
Note PA10-2014-2
13. Next Steps and Adoption of Decisions
Meredith McGreavy, PMR Secretariat
Next steps
Adoption of Decisions by Participants
o Allocation of Implementation Phase Funding to Vietnam
Resolution No. PA10/2014-1
o Approval of California as a Technical Partner of the PMR
Resolution No. PA10/2014-2
o Approval of Quebec as a Technical Partner of the PMR
Resolution No. PA10/2014-3
18:15 Wrap up
End of PA10

Meeting Documents

Final MRP Documents

Final MRP Presentations

Technical Partner Presentations