Extra Credit: Designing domestic crediting mechanisms

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There is growing interest in, and demand for, domestic carbon credits as they can provide a useful complement to other policy instruments such as carbon tax and emissions trading. However, designing a domestic crediting mechanism that balances high environmental integrity, low transaction costs and low administrative burden can be challenging.  

This session shed light on the potential role of carbon crediting in a domestic context and highlight the main considerations for designing and governing a domestic crediting mechanism. Drawing from the PMR’s recent publication ‘A Guide to Developing Domestic Carbon Crediting Mechanisms’, this session also provided insights into key challenges, the decision points for designing a crediting mechanism, and how to tailor a mechanism to achieve domestic policy objectives. 


Welcome Remarks: World Bank 

Moderator: Pedro Barata, Partner Get2C

Expert Presentation: Marissa Santikarn, PMR Secretariat, World Bank - View Presentation


  • Jane Wardlaw, General Manager, Clean Energy Regulator, Australia - View Presentation 
  • Jean-Yves Benoit, Director, Carbon Market Division, Ministère de l'Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques, Québec - View Presentation 
  • Carolina Urmeneta, Head of Climate Change Office, Ministry of Environment, Chile - View Presentation 
  • Memory Machingambi, Senior Economist, National Treasury, South Africa - View Presentation

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