Looking Ahead: Partner dialogue on carbon pricing, enabling environment, and capacity development

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With the latest UNFCCC NDC synthesis report warning on the slow pace of GHG mitigation, it is urgent that on-the-ground action be accelerated. An important part of this effort could be on promoting carbon pricing and markets as indicated by the fact that over two thirds of countries have them as an option in their NDCs. To translate countries mitigation plans into actions, timely support is paramount.  

Building on a decade of experience from PMR and other partners and organizations, and as we start our new journey with the Partnership for Market Implementation (PMI), this session brought together partners to discuss what and how the support needs to be accelerated, what is needed to create an enabling environment, and how to increase the capacity of countries to advance carbon pricing. 


Welcome Remarks: Venkata Putti, Program Manager, PMR Secretariat, World Bank -View Presentation

Moderator: Katie Sullivan, Managing Director, International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) 


  • Valvanera Ulargui, Director General for Climate Change, Ministry for Ecological Transition, Spain
  • James Grabert, Director, Mitigation, UNFCCC 
  • Tom Howes, Head of Energy & Environment Division, International Energy Agency (IEA) - View Presentation
  • Robert Bradley, Director, Knowledge & Learning, NDC Partnership Support Unit - View presentation 
  • Franck Portalupi, Deputy Director, Climate Finance Implementation, Environment and Climate Change, Canada. - View presentation 
Carbon Pricing Assessment and Decision-Making