Carbon Markets Across Latin America: Status and outlook

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This virtual event provided a tour on carbon pricing development in the Latin American region, showcasing the work of PMR participant countries. Senior government representatives from Latin American jurisdictions  discussed their countries’ carbon pricing roadmap, policy milestones achieved, and challenges ahead for expanding the use of market-based instruments in the region.

Senior government representatives from these PMR participant countries presented on the countries’ work on climate change mitigation with the support from the PMR, providing an overview of country work programs, technical work programs, and policy work programs in the region. This session showcased progress, milestones, and achievements in such programs, provided insights into challenges and lessons learned in implementing country programs, and discussed next steps for each country, both in terms of country policy implementation and involvement in the upcoming Partnership for Market Implementation (PMI).


Scene setting presentation: Marcos Castro, PMR Secretariat, World Bank - View Presentation

Moderator: Ximena Aristizábal, Program Manager, Designing Policy Approaches under Article 6, Global Green Growth Institute


  • Laura Mora, Coordinator, Programa País de Carbono Neutralidad, Ministry of Energy & Environment (MINAE), Costa Rica - View Presentation
  • Milagros Sandoval, Director, Climate Change Mitigation, Ministry of Environment (MINAM), Peru - View Presentation 
  • Carolina Díaz, Deputy Director, Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change, National Planning Department (DNP), Colombia - View Presentation 
  • Marco Heredia, General Director for Climate Change Policy, SEMARNAT, Mexico - View Presentation