Carbon Pricing Developments in Europe and Central Asia (ECA) Region

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The ECA region, with countries diverse in their income levels, institutional capacity, and resource capital, has increasingly been facing a rising number of climate risks over the last decade. These include heat waves, floods, and forest fires. It is therefore imperative that the region embraces policies that can help countries in the region cost-effectively decarbonize their sectors, adapt to a changing climate and climate-proof their trade relations as the EU adopts the green new deal.

For any cost-effective climate policy package, a well-designed carbon pricing instrument can play a key role in incentivizing the adoption of low-carbon technologies and in generating revenue to support a just-transition. As the Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) came to a close after almost a decade of supporting carbon pricing and carbon market readiness, this virtual workshop took stock of progress made in the ECA region.


Welcome Remarks: Steven N. Schonberger, Regional Director, Europe and Central Asia, World Bank

Moderator:  Timila Dhakhwa, PMR Secretariat, World Bank

Presentation:  Michael Mehling, Deputy Director, MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (CEEPR) - View Presentation 


  • Olga Yukhymchuk, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, Ukraine  - View Presentation 
  • Engin Mert, PMR Technical Coordinator, Turkey  - View Presentation 
  • Jan-Willem van de Ven, Head of Climate Finance and Carbon Markets, EBRD  - View Presentation 

Concluding remarks:

  • Venkata Putti, Program Manager, PMR Secretariat, World Bank