Carbon Pricing Initiatives in East Asia and Pacific Region

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The PMR has provided technical assistance to its participant countries for their market readiness and has been an excellent platform to build professional camaraderie among countries facilitating knowledge sharing and mutual learning. During this period, countries in the East Asia and Pacific Region, such as China, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam, have managed to build strong domestic capacity and create the necessary architecture to help move towards implementing carbon pricing policies and instruments, with the PMR and other support. Other countries, such as the Philippines, have also started considering the possible application of carbon pricing for their NDC mitigation goal attainment and other long-term goals for decarbonizing the economy. With the operationalization of the successor, the Program for Market Implementation (PMI) in July 2020, such a move towards implementation could become a reality.

This webinar discussed the achievements and lessons learned regarding carbon pricing preparation in East Asia and Pacific, and how to foster the enabling environment for countries to adopt socio-politically and economically attractive carbon pricing instruments and to accelerate and scale-up implementation. 


Welcome Remarks: Venkat Putti, Program Manager, PMR Secretariat, the World Bank

Moderator: Francis Ghesquiere, Practice Manager, Urban, Disaster Risk Management, Land and Geospatial, the World Bank


  • China: Mr. Shu Wang, Lead Managing Consultant, ICF (Beijing) -View Presentation 
  • Indonesia: Mr. Dida Gardera, Assistant Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Pharmacy and Tourism at the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs - View Presentation 
  • Thailand: Dr. Muanjit Chamsilpa, Technical Expert, Carbon Market and Innovation Promotion Office, Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO) - View Presentation 
  • Philippines: Ms. Paola Alvarez, Assistant Secretary, Department of Finance - View Presentation 
  • Vietnam: Dr. Luong Quang Huy, Director of GHG emission reduction and ozone layer protection, Department of Climate Change, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment - View Presentation