Partnership Assembly Meeting (PA13): Sweimeh, Dead Sea

The 13th meeting of the Partnership Assembly takes place in Sweimeh, Dead Sea, Jordan.
The 13th meeting of the Partnership Assembly was held in Sweimeh, Dead Sea, Jordan.
Oct 28 - 29, 2015
Sweimeh, Dead Sea, Jordan
Day 1: October 28, 2015
8:30 Registration
1. Opening and Introduction
Co-chair: Malin Ahlberg, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building, and Nuclear Safety, Germany
Co-chair: Pongvipa Lohsomboon, Greenhouse Gas Management Organization, Thailand
H.E. Ahmad Al-Qatarneh, Ministry of Environment, Jordan
Venkata Putti, World Bank Group
Adrien de Bassompierre, PMR Secretariat
Update and Progress Report
2. Information Sharing
Participants and Observers shared relevant policy developments through PowerPoint presentations or oral briefings.
Juan Pedro Searle, Ministry of Energy, Chile
Chile: (Climate Change Related) Policy Developments in the Energy Sector
Zongjie Yang, National Development and Reform Commission, China
China: Update on China’s Carbon Market Developments
Sigurd Klakeg, Ministry of Climate and Environment, Norway
Norway: The Norwegian Carbon Credit Procurement Program
Perumal Arumugam, UNFCCC
Buddika Hemashantha, Climate Fund, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka: Role of Market Instruments to Mitigate Climate Change
Venkata Putti, World Bank Group
World Bank Group Carbon Pricing Initiatives: Overview and Update
3. Technical Partners: Update on Alberta
As defined in the Governance Framework and Rules of Procedure, the PA may, on the basis of the recommendation of the Secretariat, accept a country or a sub-national jurisdiction as a Technical Partner. Alberta expressed interest to join the PMR as a Technical Partner. In this session, Alberta provided an update on recent developments of their market-based instruments, as well as presented their proposal for engaging with the PMR for approval by the PA.
John Storey-Bishoff, Environment and Parks, Government of Alberta
 Alberta: New Action Plan on Climate Change and Request to Become Technical Partner
11:15 Break
4. Operations Monitoring System and Countries’ Project Implementation Status Reports
As part of the recently established Operations Monitoring System, Brazil and Kazakhstan presented their annual Project Implementation Status Report. During this session, other Implementing Country Participants that have started the implementation of their PMR project activities provided brief updates to the PA on the progress made to date. Kazakhstan requested additional funding.
Ana Luiza Oliveira Champloni and Marco Aurélio dos Santos Araújo, Ministry of Finance, Brazil
Brazil: Project Implementation Status Report Presentation
Brazil: Project Implementation Status Report
Gulmira Sergazina, Ministry of Energy, Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan: Project Implementation Status Report Presentation
Kazakhstan: Project Implementation Status Report
Kazakhstan: Second Proposal for Targeted Technical Support
Alyssa Gilbert, the Grantham Institute
Kazakhstan: Expert Feedback on Proposed New Activities
Taisei Matsuki, PMR Secretariat
Implications of the Revised Number of PA Meetings on the PMR Project ISR Reporting Cycle
13:00 Lunch
5. Presentation of Draft MRPs
Jordan and Peru presented their draft MRPs. Representatives from the PMR Expert Groups also presented observations and suggestions. Funding consideration at PA14.
Ahmad Al Qatarneh, Abdelkarim Shalabi, and Wafaa Dabis, Ministry of Environment, Jordan
Jordan: Draft MRP Presentation
Jordan: Draft MRP
Alyssa Gilbert, the Grantham Institute
Jordan: Expert MRP Presentation
15:45 Break
Jose Alfredo La Rosa, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Peru
Peru: Draft MRP Presentation
Peru: Draft MRP
Noémie Klein, Ecofys
Peru: Expert MRP Presentation
17:30 Wrap up
End of Day 1
Day 2: October 29, 2015
6. Technical Work Program and Knowledge Sharing
The Technical Work Program supports countries on issues that are common across many of them and where they can benefit from technical assistance provided in a comprehensive and programmatic manner. The Secretariat presented a status update for financial year 2016 (Note PA13-2015-1), including an overview of the latest technical notes.
Pauline Kennedy, PMR Secretariat
Status Update on Activities of the Technical Work Program
Note PA13-2015-1
Pierre Guigon, PMR Secretariat
PMR Activities on GHG Data Management Systems and Registries: Update and Next Steps
Alexandrina Platonova-Oquab, PMR Secretariat
Crediting-related Activities under the PMR: Suggested Next Steps
Carsten Warnecke, New Climate Institute and Noémie Klein, Ecofys
Analysing the Status-Quo of CDM Projects
Suphachol Suphachalasai, World Bank Group
Devloping Policy-Level MRV for Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform and Carbon Pricing Policies
11:00 Break
7. Update on Policy Analysis Work Program
The PA endorsed and allocated a budget at PA12 in Barcelona for continuation of support to countries’ efforts to establish post-2020 mitigation scenarios and to identify a package of effective and cost-efficient policies—including carbon pricing instruments—to achieve mitigation ambition. Since PA12, several Implementing Country Participants have submitted their Expressions of Interest for receiving technical assistance under this work stream. The Secretariat presented the overall progress made including summarizing new requests for support from the Implementing Country Participants (Note PA13-2015-2).
Maja Murisic, PMR Secretariat
Status Update on the Policy Analysis Work Program
Note PA13-2015-2
12:30 Lunch
8. Follow up on the Recommendations from the Evaluation Report
Following up on the recommendations from the First Independent Evaluation, the Secretariat presented a draft “Action Plan to Follow up on the Recommendations from the PMR First Independent Evaluation,” which was presented at PA12 (Note PA12-2015-3). Based on the PA’s feedback, the Secretariat revised the Action Plan (Note PA13-2015-3) and presented it for the PA’s endorsement.
Adrien de Bassompierre, PMR Secretariat
Action Plan to Follow up on Recommendations from the First Independent Evaluation
Note PA13-2015-3
14:45 Lunch
9. Strategic Orientation for the Future of the PMR
As part of the ongoing discussions on strategic orientation, the Secretariat presented the Note on Options for Funding Additional Activities under the PMR: Update and Proposed Way Forward at PA12. The Note provided a summary and an update on the overall strategic direction discussions to date, as well as suggested timeline and key milestones as a way forward to frame discussions on the matter. Based on the PA’s feedback, the Secretariat revised and presented a proposal that outlines the modality for funding additional activities under the PMR (Note PA13-2015-4).
Adrien de Bassompierre, PMR Secretariat
Proposal on Modality for Funding Additional Activities under the PMR
Note PA13-2015-4
10. Next Steps and Adoption of Decisions
Rhiana Fitts, PMR Secretariat
Next Steps and Calendar of Events
Adoption of Decisions by Participants
o Second allocation of funding for Targeted Technical Support to Kazakhstan
Resolution No. PA13/2015-1
o Approval of Alberta as a Technical Partner of the PMR
Resolution No. PA13/2015-2
17:00 Wrap up
End of PA13

Meeting Documents