Partnership Assembly Meeting (PA5): Washington, DC

Participants listen during the 5th Meeting of the Partnership Assembly
Chile, China, Costa Rica and Mexico received the first allocation of Implementation Phase funding to support work on their MRPs, Peru joined as a new Implementing Country Participant, and the U.S. increased its financial support. The Baseline Working Group also met to advance work on its Baseline Setting Guidance Note.
Mar 11 - 13, 2013
Washington, DC, USA
Day 1: March 11, 2013
8:30 Registration
1. Opening and Introduction
Co-Chair: Juan Pedro Searle, Ministry of Energy, Chile
Co-Chair: Robert Owen-Jones, Department of Climate Change & Energy Efficiency, Australia
Rachel Kyte, Vice President, World Bank
Dan Reifsnyder, State Department, U.S.
Xueman Wang, PMR Secretariat
Update Since PA4
2. Briefing on Doha Outcomes
The Co-Chairs briefed Participants on the main outcomes of the Doha UNFCCC conference.
Juan Pedro Searle, Ministry of Energy, Chile
Reflections on the Doha Platform
Robin Rix, UNFCCC
 UNFCCC: The Future of Market-based Instruments after Doha
10:15 Break
3. Information Sharing and Update
Implementing Country Participants updated the PA on their PMR activities, in particular on the status of their MRP. The updates were made through PowerPoint presentations or oral briefings.
Pham Hoang Mai, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam
Vietnam: Green Growth Strategy
Bengt Boström, Energy Agency, Sweden
Sweden: Activities in the Carbon Market
Yuji Mizuno, Ministry of Environment, Japan
 Japan: The Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM)/ Bilateral Offset Credit Mechanism (BOCM)
Vicky Pollard, DG Climate Action, European Commission
EU: Update on the EU ETS
4. Presentation of the Organizing Framework
Implementing Country Participants presented their OFs for scoping of PMR activities for consideration and decision on the allocation of Preparation Funding. Decision on allocation of funding is under agenda item 10.
David Dall'Orto Cacho, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Peru
Peru: Organizing Framework
12:30 Lunch
5.1 Informal Presentation of a Draft MRP
Turkey presented draft MRPs to seek feedback from the PA. In addition, the expert group presented their observations and suggestions. No decision on allocation of implementation funding at this meeting.
Yasemin Örürcü, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Turkey
 Turkey: Draft MRP
Bahar Ubay, The Gold Standard
Turkey: MRP Expert Feedback Presentation
15:30 Break
5.2 Presentation of Final MRPs for Decision on Implementation Funding
Four Implementing Country Participants presented draft MRPs in Sydney at PA4 for feedback from the PA. Based on this feedback, these countries have revised their MRPs. Final versions were circulated to the PA on February 19, 2013. Under this session, Implementing Country Participants presented the core elements of the MRP, highlighting significant changes from the draft version. The PA considered this version of the MRP for a funding allocation decision. Adoption of resolutions on allocation is made under agenda item 10.
Sarah Moyer, PMR Secretariat
Implementation Funding Allocation Criteria and Grant Agreement Arrangements
Ignacio Fernandez, Ministry of Energy, Chile
Chile: Final MRP Presentation
Chile: Final MRP
17:15 Wrap up
End of Day 1
Day 2: March 12, 2013
5.2 Presentation of Final MRPs for Decision on Implementation Funding (cont)
Wang Shu, National Development Reform Commission, China
China: Final MRP Presentation
China: Final MRP
10:15 Break
Alvaro Umaña, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Costa Rica
Costa Rica: Final MRP Presentation
Costa Rica: Final MRP
Luis Muñozcano, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Mexico
Mexico: Final MRP Presentation
Mexico: Final MRP
Mexico: Final MRPl Appendix (Urban NAMA)
Mexico: Final MRP Appendix (Transport NAMA)
Mexico: Final MRP Appendix (Refrigeration NAMA)
13:00 Lunch
6. Updates on Countries’ MRPs
Implementing Country Participants updated the PA on their PMR activities, in particular on the status of their MRPs. Participants did verbal or PowerPoint presentations.
7. Results-based Financing and Incentives
Adrien de Bassompierre, PMR Secretariat
Holly Menten-Weil, Department of Energy and Climate Change, United Kingdom
United Kingdom: Results-based Finance for Low Carbon Development
Catalina Marulanda, World Bank
Carbon Finance in Solid Waste Management
16:00 Break
8. Next Steps
Xueman Wang, PMR Secretariat
Sarah Moyer, PMR Secretariat
Next Steps
9. Election of Co-chairs for PA6
In accordance with the Governance Framework, the World Bank will chair the first two meetings of the PA. Subsequent meetings will be co-chaired by a representative elected, respectively, from the Contributing Participants and from the Implementing Country Participants. Co-chairs serve for one PA meeting. Contributing and Implementing Country Participants meet separately to elect their respective co-chair. Each group announced the results of their decision to the PA.
Election of Co-Chairs
10. Decisions
Adoption of Decisions by Participants
o Allocation of the Implementation Phase Funding to Chile
Resolution PA5/2013-1
o Allocation of the Implementation Phase Funding to Costa Rica
Resolution PA5/2013-2
o Allocation of the Implementation Phase Funding to China
Resolution PA5/2013-3
o Allocation of the Implementation Phase Funding to Mexico
Resolution PA5/2013-4
o Allocation of the PMR Preparation Phase Funding for Activities in Peru
Resolution PA5/2013-5
18:00 Wrap up
End of Day 2
Day 3: October 24, 2012
11. Building Readiness: Knowledge Sharing
The PMR generates a significant amount of knowledge and information, which forms important parts of “readiness” building. The Secretariat works with experts, organizations, relevant departments within the World Bank, as well as the World Bank Institute in order to provide systematic learning and knowledge sharing. In this session, a number of technical topics were presented to seek input and guidance from Participants.
Xueman Wang, PMR Secretariat
Introduction to the Technical Work Program
Mike McCormick, PMR Secretariat
Jonathan Grant, PwC
Data Management Systems: Key Issues and Emerging Findings
Martina Bosi, PMR Secretariat
Jürg Füssler, INFRAS
Draft Technical Note on Offset Standards Project Approach and Preliminary Results
10:45 Break
Martina Bosi, PMR Secretariat
Ulla Blatt Bendtsen, Energy Agency, Denmark
Update on PMR’s Technical Work Streams
Philippe Ambrosi, World Bank
Modeling for Carbon Pricing Instruments
Pablo Benitez, World Bank Institute
Creating an E-Learning Platform
12. Briefing from IETA’s Business PMR
Dirk Forrister, International Emissions Trading Association
IETA: Briefing on the B-PMR
12:15 Wrap up
End of PA5

Meeting Documents

Draft MRP Documents

Draft MRP Presentations

Organizing Frameworks