Technical Workshop 7: Stakeholder Engagement and Communication (Marrakesh)

Participants to a PMR event in Marrakesh, Morocco
Stakeholder engagement and communication play critical roles in building support for carbon pricing instruments. This workshop brought together representatives from industry, civil society, and government to share experiences on what has worked well and not so well.
Oct 24, 2013
Marrakesh, Morocco
October 24, 2013
8:30 Registration
1. Introduction
Sarah Moyer, PMR Secretariat
2. Approaches to Stakeholder Engagement: Good Practices and Lessons Learned
In this session, four in-depth case studies from EU, Japan, Australia, and South Africa provided the basis for broader discussions on good practices (e.g., methodologies, process, format, monitoring, evaluation etc.) and lessons learnt from stakeholder engagement process and communication. A panel made up of country representatives from European Commission, Mexico, and Kazakhstan followed as well as a general discussion among all participants.
Moderator: Joëlle Chassard, World Bank
Felix Matthes, Öko Institut
EU-ETS: Stakeholder Engagement Case Study
Yuko Nishida, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Japan
Tokyo Cap-and-Trade: Stakeholder Engagement
10:30 Break
Robert Owen-Jones, Department of Industry, Australia
Peter Janoska, National Treasury, South Africa
South Africa Carbon Tax Stakeholder Consultation Process
12:00 Lunch
Panel Discussion: European Commission, Mexico, Kazakhstan
General Discussion: Participants shared information on their respective stakeholder processes, key issues and concerns raised by stakeholders, and the key lessons drawn from their experiences.
3. Stakeholders’ Perspectives
In this section, a set of stakeholders reflected on their experiences with engagement in two panel discussions. Private sector participants shared experience in addressing competitiveness concerns and bringing authorities to consensus-driven decisions. NGOs discussed their involvement in promoting and assessing the integrity of carbon pricing policies.
Moderator: Dirk Forrister, IETA
Jean-Yves Caneill, Eurelectric and Électricité de France
Manuel Möller, European Energy Exchange
European Energy Exchange and Stakeholder Engagement
Daniyar Khalitov, Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation of Kazakhstan
Irene Samouel, Shell
Shell and Stakeholder Engagement
16:30 Break
Stephan Singer, WWF International
Joel Levin, Climate Action Reserve
Climate Change Policy and Public Engagement in California
Michael Tubman, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
C2ES: Research, Partnership, and Outreach
4. Next Steps and Workshop Wrap up
The Secretariat invited Participants to share feedback and ideas on the next steps for future PMR work on this topic.
Pierre Guigon, PMR Secretariat
18:30 Wrap up
End of workshop