Partnership Assembly Meeting (PA2): Istanbul

The 2nd meeting of the Partnership Assembly convened in Istanbul, Turkey
Brazil, India, Jordan, South Africa, and Vietnam joined the PMR as Implementing Country Participants, bringing the total to 15. The Partnership Assembly endorsed the Market Readiness Proposal (MRP) Tool, which countries will use to formulate their funding proposals. The PA also endorsed a set of criteria for allocating funding.
Oct 27 - 28, 2011
Istanbul, Turkey
Day 1: October 27, 2011
8:30 Registration
1. Opening and Introduction
Joëlle Chassard, World Bank
Recep Sahin, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Turkey
Ulrich Zachau, World Bank
Xueman Wang, PMR Secretariat
Update Since PA1
2. Information Sharing and Update
Participants and Observers shared their recent domestic policy developments related to carbon markets and updated the PA on their PMR activities.
Aaron Wu, Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Australia
Australia: Clean Energy Future Legislation
Leila Pourarkin, Department for Energy and Climate Change, UK
United Kingdom: Lessons Learned from Market-based Policies
11:00 Break
Saurabh Diddi, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, India
India: Market Mechanism to Promote Energy Efficiency and Renewables
12:30 Lunch
3. Tool for MRP and Criteria and Process for Allocation of Implementation Phase Funding
Martina Bosi, PMR Secretariat
Tool for Market Readiness Proposal
Tool for the MRP Version 2
Xueman Wang, PMR Secretariat
Criteria and Process for the Allocation of Implementation Funding
Note PA2-2011-1
15:45 Break
4. Expression of Interest
Countries that have submitted an EoI presented their interest in participating in the PMR. The PA confirmed these countries as PMR Implementing Country Participants either after completion of all the presentations or under agenda item 9.
Aloisio de Melo, Ministry of Finance, Brazil
Rajiv Kumar, Ministry of Environment and Forests, India
Mohd Alam, Ministry of Environment, Jordan
Jordan: Expression of Interest Presentation
18:15 Wrap up
19:00 Reception
Day 2: October 28, 2011
4. EoI (cont’d)
Mandy Rambharos, Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa
Nguyen Tuan Anh, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam
Feedback on Expressions of Interest
10:30 Break
5. Presentation of the Organizing Framework
Following the PMR Process, Implementing Country Participants presented their Organizing Frameworks for the Scoping of PMR activities to the PA for consideration and decision on allocation of Preparation Funding.
Vadym Sydiachenko, State Environmental Investment Agency, Ukraine
Ukraine: Organizing Framework
6. Modality for Observer Engagement in the PMR
Sarah Underwood, PMR Secretariat
 Modality for Engaging Observers (including Private Sector)
12:45 Lunch
7. Knowledge Management and Next Steps
Marcos Castro, PMR Secretariat
Knowledge Management
Xueman Wang and Lata Ganesh, PMR Secretariat
15:30 Break
8. Election of Co-Chairs for PA3
In accordance with the Governance Framework, the World Bank will chair the first two meetings of the PA. Subsequent meetings will be co-chaired by a representative elected, respectively, from the Contributing Participants and from the Implementing Country Participants. Co-chairs serve for one PA meeting. It is proposed that the Contributing and Implementing Country Participants meet separately to elect their respective co-chair. Each group announced the results of their decision to the PA.
Election of Co-Chairs
9. Decisions
Adoption of Decisions by Participants
o Version 1 of the Tool for Market Readiness Proposal
Resolution No. PA2/2011-1
o Confirmation of Implementing Country Participants and Approval of Delivery Partner Arrangement for Vietnam
Resolution No. PA2/2011-2
o Adoption of Criteria for Assessing MRPs and Endorsement of Process for Providing Feedback on MRPs
Resolution No. PA2/2011-3
o Allocation of the PMR Preparation Phase Funding for Activities in Ukraine
Resolution No. PA2/2011-4
o Election of the Co-Chairs of the Partnership Assembly
Resolution No. PA2/2011-5
o MRP Review Process
Resolution No. PA2/2011-6
End of PA2