Green Growth, Nationally Determined Contributions, and Innovative Climate Policy Instruments (April 2016)

Evidence of momentum for carbon pricing comes from the INDCs, pledged by countries under the Paris Agreement. More than 90 INDCs include proposals for emissions trading, carbon taxes, and other pricing mechanisms as part of a wide range of action plans by governments to address their particular challenges. With emphasis in the LAC region, this high-level public event will highlight challenges and opportunities behind the use of effective carbon pricing policies that can maintain competitiveness, create jobs, encourage innovation, and achieve meaningful emissions reductions. H.E. Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, Minister of Environment and COP20 President is scheduled to lead the event proceedings, joined by senior officials from other Pacific Alliance member countries – Chile, Colombia and Mexico – as well as key representatives from the national private sector.
Apr 26, 2016
Lima, Peru
April 26, 2016
1. Introduction
Gabriel Quijandría, Ministry of Environment, Peru
Ivo Imparato, World Bank Group
2. Green Inclusive Growth along Low-carbon Development Pathways
Keynote speech by the Minister of Environment for Peru followed by a panel discussion with leading policy makers from the region on the challenges and opportunities of the Paris Agreement.
H.E. Manuel Pulgar Vidal, Minister, Ministry of Environment, Peru
Moderator: Gabriel Quijandría, Ministry of Environment, Peru
Marcelo Mena, Ministry of Environment, Chile
Chile: Agenda Cambio Climático Post COP21
Irene Cañas, Ministry of Energy and Environment, Costa Rica
Costa Rica: VII Plan Nacional de Energía 2015-2030
Pablo Vieira, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Colombia
Michael Gibbs, Air Resources Board, California
10:45 Break
3. Catalyzing Finance for Low-emissions Development
The session included an overview of innovative policy and financial instruments and a panel discussion with perspectives from key stakeholders.
Moderator: Luis Miguel Galindo, UN Economic Commission for Latin America & the Caribbean
Hacia un Desarrollo Bajo en Carbono
Adrien de Bassompierre, PMR Secretariat
Carbon Pricing Policies: Overview and Instrument Options
Amal-Lee Amin, Inter-American Development Bank
Ubaldo Elizondo, CAF - Development Bank of Latin America
Justine Leigh-Bell, Climate Bonds Initiative
Carlos Ferraro, Asociación de Productores de Cementos del Perú
Lilia Caiado, Brazilian Business Council on Sustainable Development
Catalyzing Finance for Low-emissions Development
4. Closing Session
Javier Roca, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Peru
Venkata Putti, World Bank Group
End of event