Technical Workshop 1: Mitigation Programs for Scaled-up Crediting Mechanisms (Istanbul)

The purpose of this workshop was to explore technical issues associated with scaled-up crediting mechanisms using examples of concrete mitigation programs from different sectors in developing countries.
Oct 26, 2011
Istanbul, Turkey
October 26, 2011
8:30 Registration
1. Opening and Introduction
Chair: Evren Turkmenoglu, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Turkey
Joëlle Chassard, World Bank
2. Overview of Crediting Mechanisms

The presentation provided a summary assessment of proposed scaled-up crediting mechanisms as well as existing project-based crediting schemes against a number of important general characteristics of such instruments.
Murray Ward, Global Climate Change Consultancy, New Zealand
Insights from a Review of Existing and Proposed Crediting Mechanisms
11:00 Break
3. Mitigation Programs and Key Issues for the Consideration for Scaled-up Crediting Mechanisms

The case study from Indonesia highlighted i) the potential and challenges for scaling-up mitigation; ii) the contribution of carbon revenues in the overall financing; and iii) the associated policy and regulatory framework needs as well as institutional considerations. The presentations also discussed issues and options for setting a boundary, baseline, and MRV.
Andi Samyanugraha, National Council on Climate Change, Indonesia
Gita Lestari, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Indonesia
Indonesia: Geothermal - Low Carbon Development
Harikumar Gadde, World Bank
Elements of Scaled-up Crediting Instruments
12:45 Lunch

The case study from Mexico showed how a sustainable development policy aimed at housing can be developed as a mitigation program for a scaled-up crediting mechanism. It has a particular focus on MRV issues associated with many dispersed units and several mitigation technologies, coordination and institutional responsibilities for the program, and financing.
Luis Alfonso Munozcano Alvarez, SEMARNAT, Mexico
Mexico: Challenges and Issues to Solve
Jorge Wolpert, National Housing Commission (CONAVI), Mexico
A Mitigation Program in the Housing Sector
Chandra Shekhar Sinha, World Bank
Sustainable Housing and Urban NAMA in Mexico
15:45 Break

This presentation explored options for grouping multiple sectors into one mitigation program aimed at enabling action in a sub-national jurisdiction (e.g., a city). It also included different approaches to engage with municipal authorities at the sub-national or national level and the advantages and challenges of addressing multiple sectors in a single program.
Monali Ranade, World Bank Institute
A Mitigation Program Across Multiple Sectors: Examples of Application of the City Approach
17:30 Wrap up
End of workshop