Partnership Assembly Meeting (PA7): Marrakesh

The 7th meeting of the Partnership Assembly took place in Marrakesh, Morocco
Germany and Switzerland increased their financial contributions to the initiative. Indonesia received a funding allocation to support implementation of its MRP and Thailand presented a draft MRP for feedback. In addition, Kazakhstan became the PMR's first technical partner and received funding to support the implementation of its national ETS.
Oct 22 - 23, 2013
Marrakesh, Morocco
Day 1: October 22, 2013
8:30 Registration
1. Opening and Introduction
Co-Chair: Luis Muñozcano, Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, Mexico
Co-Chair: Sveinung Kvalø, Ministry of Climate and Environment, Norway
Mohamed Benyahia, Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water, and Environment, Morrocco
Karin Kemper, World Bank
Xueman Wang, PMR Secretariat
PMR Update since PA6
2. Information Sharing
Implementing Country Participants updated the PA on their PMR activities, in particular on the status of their MRP, through PowerPoint presentations or oral briefings.
Wang Shu, NDRC, China
Ruth Joo, Ministry of Environment, Republic of Korea
Republic of Korea: Update on ETS
Martin Hession, DG Climate Action, European Commission
Artur de Lacerda, Ministry of Finance, Brazil
Luis Muñozcano, SEMARNAT, Mexico
Mexico: Update on Policies
Yuji Mizuno, Ministry of the Environment, Japan and Dicky Hindarto, National Council on Climate Change, Indonesia
Recent Development of the JCM
Massamba Thioye, UNFCCC
Afef Jaafar, Agence Nationale pour la Maîtrise de l’Energie, Tunisia
Tunisia: Overview on NAMAs/NMM under Progress
11:00 Break
3. Presentation of Final MRP for Decision on MRP Implementation Funding
Indonesia presented a draft MRP at PA6 in Barcelona. In this session, Indonesia presented the core elements of its final MRP, highlighting any significant changes from the draft version. The PA considered this version of the MRP for a funding allocation decision. Adoption of a resolution on funding allocation is made under agenda item 9.
Dicky Hindarto, National Council on Climate Change, Indonesia
Indonesia: Final MRP Presentation
Indonesia: Final MRP
12:30 Lunch
4. Presentation of Draft MRP
Thailand presented its draft MRP in order to seek feedback from the PA; a representative from the PMR Expert Group who carried out the Expert Feedback Process also presented observations and suggestions. Funding consideration at PA8.
Greenhouse Gas Management Organization, Thailand
Thailand: Draft MRP Presentation
Thailand: Draft MRP
Balawant Joshi, Idam Infrastructure ltd.
Thailand: Expert MRP Presentation
16:00 Break
5. Strategic Orientation of the PMR
Based on the initial ideas presented and discussed at PA6 in Barcelona, the Secretariat has circulated a note on the Strategic Orientation for the Future of the PMR (Note PA7-2013-2) for consideration by the PA.
Xueman Wang, PMR Secretariat
Note PA7-2013-2
18:15 Wrap up
End of Day 1
Day 2: October 23, 2013
6. Targeted PMR Support
Kazakhstan presented the development of its domestic ETS at PA6 in Barcelona and requested PMR support on its implementation. Kazakhstan updated on its ETS development, and the Secretariat presented a Proposal for Targeted Technical Support to Kazakhstan (Note PA7-2013-1) for consideration by the PA.
Gulmira Sergazina, Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan: National ETS
Pierre Guigon, PMR Secretariat
Note PA7-2013-1
7. Results Framework
Based on the feedback received from the Participants during and after PA6, the Secretariat has revised Proposal for the Establishment of a PMR Results Framework (Note PA7-2013-3), which was presented. The Secretariat also presented Terms of Reference for the First Evaluation of the PMR Initiative (Note PA7-2013-4) for consideration by the PA.
Adrien de Bassompierre, PMR Secretariat
Results Framework Proposal (Revised)
Note PA7-2013-3
Note PA7-2013-4
11:00 Break
8. Updates on Countries’ MRPs
This session included three sessions:
- Request for extension of MRP Preparation Phase: per PMR resolution PA 3/2012-4, Implementing Country Participants are expected to submit a draft MRP within two years of receiving preparation phase funding. If more time is required for the preparation phase, countries may request an extension for additional time for MRP preparation;

Update on MRP preparation: Implementing Country Participants that are in the process of preparing the MRP updated the PA on the status of their work, focusing on developments since their last update to the PA; and

Update on MRP implementation: Implementing Country Participants that have been allocated implementation funding updated the PA on the status of the MRP implementation.
Mykhailo Koval, State Environmental Investment Agency, Ukraine
Ukraine: Status of MRP
Costa Rica
Costa Rica: Update on MRP Implementation
Luis Muñozcano, SEMARNAT, Mexico
Mexico: Update in MRP Preparations
9. Election of Co-chairs, Decisions, and Next Steps
In accordance with the Governance Framework, the World Bank will chair the first two meetings of the PA. Subsequent meetings will be co-chaired by a representative elected, respectively, from the Contributing Participants and from the Implementing Country Participants. Co-chairs serve for one PA meeting. Contributing and Implementing Country Participants meet separately to elect their respective co-chair. Each group announced the results of their decision to the PA.
Adoption of Decisions by Participants
o Allocation of the PMR Implementation Phase Funding for Activities in Indonesia
Resolution No. PA7/2013-1
o Endorsement of the Results Framework of PMR Activities
Resolution No. PA7/2013-2
o Targeted Technical Support to Kazakhstan
Resolution No. PA7/2013-3
Meredith McGreavy, PMR Secretariat
Next Steps: Calendar of Events 2014
12:30 Lunch
10. Information Session on the Interaction of Carbon Pricing Instruments with Energy Policies
The International Energy Agency (IEA) has carried out two studies on policy interactions within Chile and South Africa. Based on these studies, the IEA has prepared a Guidance Document on the interaction of carbon pricing instruments with energy policies. IEA and representatives from Chile and South Africa will share their experience and findings on their analytical work. The PMR Secretariat will seek advice from the PA on the development of the PMR's Technical Work Program in this area.
Christina Hood, IEA
Integrating Carbon Pricing Mechanisms with Existing Energy Policies (Presentation)
Integrating Carbon Pricing Mechanisms with Existing Energy Policies (Draft)
Ignacio Fernandez, Ministry of Energy, Chile
Chile: Integrating Carbon Pricing with Energy Policies
Peter Janoska, National Treasury, South Africa
South Africa: Integrating Carbon Pricing with Energy Policies
15:15 Break
11. Update on Knowledge Management
Mike McCormick, PMR Secretariat
Update on the First Regional MRV Workshop
Felicity Creighton Spors, World Bank
Update on Offset Work
Martina Bosi, PMR Secretariat
Update on Baseline Setting Work and Other Components of the Technical Work Program
Sarah Moyer, PMR Secretariat
12. Applications of 3Cs to Market-based Mechanisms
During PA6 the PMR Secretariat presented the idea of a 3Cs approaches (credible, consistent, and compatible) to market-based mechanisms and readiness components. This session will start the discussion on how the 3Cs could apply to the key components of a mechanism. Participants are invited to provide input and guidance on further development of such work.
Erik Haites, Margaree Consultants Inc.
Lessons Learned from Linking ETSs
17:45 Wrap up
18:30 Reception
End of PA7

Meeting Documents