Preparing for Carbon Pricing Policies: A Business-Government Dialogue (May 2014)

In partnership with IFC and IETA's Business for PMR, the PMR hosted a half-day event in which business representatives and government officials shared their experiences on preparations for carbon pricing policies. Participants discussed the preliminary findings of the PMR on case studies regarding company "readiness" for the introduction of new carbon pricing regulation. The dialogue also covered opportunities and challenges for both business facing the introduction of carbon pricing policies, and on ways policy makers and companies can work together to best design such policies that ensure successful implementation.
May 27, 2014
Cologne, Germany
May 27, 2014
1. Opening and Introduction
Neeraj Prasad, World Bank
Dirk Forrister, IETA
Xueman Wang, PMR Secretariat
Building Readiness for Carbon Pricing
2. Corporate Preparation for Carbon Pricing: Opportunities and Challenges
This session featured and discussed experience of international companies in preparing to comply with carbon pricing policies. The panel consisted of companies, business associations, and government official that discussed the challenges that the business community is facing when preparing for the introduction of such policies, as well as the opportunities for companies and policy makers to work together and enhance policy design and implementation.
Moderator: Vikram Widge, IFC
Pierre Guigon, PMR Secretariat
Janet Peace, C2ES
PMR Case Studies on Corporate Preparation for Carbon Pricing
Susan Dreyer, Carbon Disclosure Project
Tanya Morrison, Shell
Jean-Yves Caneill, EDF
Julio Alberto Valle Pereña, PEMEX
Miles Austin, CMIA
Peter Janoska, National Treasury, South Africa
Luis Muñozcano, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Mexico
15:45 Break
3. A Dialogue with Governments on Business Experience and Perspectives on Carbon Pricing
Getting Business Actively Engaged on Carbon Pricing
What carbon reduction policies have excited and/or captured the (right kind of) attention of the business community? Based on experiences in the EU Emissions Trading System, (EU ETS) What does your company’s senior leadership think of participation in a global carbon market or a future world of various economic instruments to price carbon?
Moderator: Karl Upston Hooper, Greenstream Network Plc. and IETA’s BPMR Steering Committee Chair
Emily Spears, BP
Arne Eik, Statoil
The EU ETS: Taking Stock of 10 Years of Compliance
How has carbon market participation and compliance impacted your organisation’s overall operations and growth? Has the carbon market impacted your profitability? Have you changed your overall energy mix as a result?
Daniele Agostini, Enel
Francisco Grajales Cravioto, Vattenfall
First Pricing, then Trading—Global Experiences in Emissions Trading
What have been your positive and negative experiences in trading carbon allowances and offsets? Do you think that your carbon trading experience is something that can be applied universally? As a carbon trader, do you think carbon trading can be easily adopted amongst companies in the energy sector in less market-driven economies?
Richard Folland, JP Morgan
Eric Boonman, Statkraft
4. Closing
Neeraj Prasad, World Bank
Dirk Forrister, IETA
End of event