Getting Ready for Carbon Pricing Policies: Challenges and Opportunities for the Energy Sector

This event was organized jointly by the Ministry of Energy of Chile and the PMR. Featuring prominent speakers from Chile as well as from around the world, it provided an opportunity to discuss and share with Chile’s public and private sector stakeholders the latest developments on the interaction between carbon pricing and energy policies.
Nov 05, 2014
Santiago, Chile
November 5, 2014
8:30 Break
1. Opening
James Close, Director, World Bank Group
2. Overview of Chile’s Energy and Climate Policies
Key Note Speech: Carbon Tax and Current Energy Policies in Chile
H.E. Máximo Pacheco, Minister of Energy, Chile
Key Note Speech: Overview of Chile’s Climate Strategy
H.E. Pablo Badenier Martínez, Minister of Environment, Chile
9:45 Break
3. The Carbon Pricing-Energy Policy Nexus: Perspectives from the Public and Private Sectors
This session provided an overview of the uptake of carbon pricing policies around the world, and participants discussed the interactions between existing and emerging carbon pricing and energy policies. The panelists also shared their perspective and presented main challenges as well as opportunities when designing or preparing to comply with carbon pricing policies. The first panel focused on public sector perspective and the second on public sector experiences.
Xueman Wang, PMR Secretariat
Carbon Pricing Around the World: Challenges and Opportunities Going Forward
Cecil Morden, National Treasury, South Africa
South Africa: Carbon Tax and Energy Policy
Luis Muñozcano, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Mexico
Mexico: Nexus of Energy Policy and Market Instruments
Ingrid Hoff, Ministry of Finance, Norway
Norway: Carbon Taxes and ETS
Philipp Hauser, GDF SUEZ Energy Latin America
Ready for Carbon Pricing? Challenges and Opportunities for the Energy Sector
Juliana Lopes, Carbon Disclosure Project
Business Leadership in the Transition to a Low-carbon Economy
Marco Antonio Vargas, Statkraft
Experience with Carbon Pricing
Nicola Borregaard, Ministry of Energy, Chile
Malcolm Cosgrove-Davies, World Bank Group
End of Event