Technical Workshop 6: Building Readiness for Implementation (Barcelona)

Photo Credit: Luc Mercells
This workshop provided an opportunity to seek feedback on various elements of the PMR Technical Work Program and to discuss the next steps in order to provide focused and systematic support to PMR countries.
May 26, 2013
Barcelona, Spain
May 26, 2013
8:30 Registration
1. Introduction
Chairs: Fernando Tudela and Michael Lazarus, Stockholm Environment Institute
Xueman Wang, PMR Secretariat
2. Data Management Systems and Registries
A presentation of Technical Note 4 was followed byt a panel discussion on status and gaps in data management system between Turkey and European Commission. The Secretariat then shared a data, registry, and MRV framework to conclude the session.
Stuart Jefford, PwC
Presentation of Technical Note 4
Technical Note: Supporting GHG Mitigation Actions with Effective Data Management Systems
Mike McCormick, PMR Secretariat
10:45 Break
3. Work on Baselines
The draft of Technical Note 5 was followed by a panel discussion on testing approaches to baseline setting between Denmark and Mexico. The Secretariat then concluded the session.
Michael Lazarus, Stockholm Environment Institute
Presentation of the Draft Technical Note 5
Technical Note: Options and Guidance for the Development of Baselines
Martina Bosi, PMR Secretariat
12:30 Lunch
4. Offset Standards
The presentation of Technical Note 6 was followed by a panel discussion on perspectives from offset standard agencies and countries, in which VCS, China, and Japan participated.
Jürg Füssler, INFRAS
Presentation of the Draft of Technical Note 6
Technical Note: Overview of Carbon Offset Standards - Similarities and Differences
15:30 Break
5. Emissions Accounting: Issues and Options
All participants were invited to share their views, suggestions, and perspectives in a general discussion on next steps.
15:45 Andrew Prag, OECD
Options for Emissions Accounting Under UNFCCC and Relevance for Market Mechanisms
17:00 Wrap up
End of workshop