Second Regional MRV Technical Training - Latin America & Caribbean (March 2014)

- Exchange good practice cases and build capacity for the development of systems for the measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) of nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs) in Latin America and the Caribbean; - Explore potential similarities and key differences between MRV processes applicable to facility-level greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting and NAMAs; and - Discuss issues related to capturing the emissions impacts due to NAMAs within national GHG inventories and reflect this in national GHG reporting
Mar 06 - 08, 2014
Mexico City, Mexico
Day 1: March 6, 2014
8:00 Registration
1. Opening and Workshop Overview
Chair: Xueman Wang, Team Leader, PMR Secretariat
Beatriz Bugeda, General Director of Climate Change Policy, SEMARNAT, Mexico
Miriam Faulwetter, Advisor, BMUB, Germany
Moira Paz, Director Mexico Office, CAF
Marcos Castro, PMR Secretariat
Update PMR Secretariat
10:00 Break
2. Building Blocks of Integrated National MRV Systems to Address Multiple Policy Objectives
Building a common understanding around MRV concepts and definitions.
Verena Bruer, International MRV Partnership
International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV
Michael McCormick, PMR Secretariat
Pankaj Bhatia, Deputy. Director, Climate & Energy, WRI
Integrating National MRV Systems: Linkages between MRV of NAMAs, Facility-Level Reporting, and National Inventories
Tania Zamora, Coordinator, GHG Emissions Management, Ministry of Environment
Germany: Building Registries to Support the Next Generation of Carbon Markets
Miguel Rescalvo, Director of Policy Advisory & Research, Latin America, DNV GL
Verena Graichen, Senior Researcher, Oeko-Institut
12:30 Lunch
3. National GHG Reporting and NAMAs
Reporting of mitigation policies and measures at the national level.
Claudio Forner, Team Leader, Mitigation, Data & Analysis, UNFCCC Secretariat
MRV Framework for Non-Annex I Parties under the UNFCCC
Diana Barba, Advisor, Climate Change Mitigation, Ministry of Environment, Colombia
14:00 Colombia: MRV System of Low Carbon Development Strategy
Cate Hight, Environmental Protection Specialist, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
USA: MRV of NAMAs as a Key Element of National MRV Systems
Building integrated GHG data management systems.
Israel Laguna Monroy, Instituto Nacional de Ecología y Cambio Climático INECC, Mexico
Taller Regional Latinoamericano MRV de NAMAs: Elemento Clave de Sistemas Nacionales de MRV
Mexican MRV Framework
Karsten Karschunke, German Emissions Trading Authority, Germany
MRV for the EU ETS and Domestic Offset Projects: Experiences from Germany
15:40 Break
Harmonizing NAMA MRV systems with national GHG reporting: Issues, challenges, and options.
Group Exercise: Discuss concrete challenges of harmonizing MRV systems of NAMAs and measures with national GHG reporting more in depth, using selected examples from the region
17:30 Wrap up
End of Day 1
Day 2: March 7, 2014
4. MRV of NAMAs (i): From Theory to Practice
Provide an introduction on key principles, different data management approaches and relevant institutional, and legal arrangements for MRV of NAMAs
Miguel Rescalvo, Director of Policy Advisory & Research, Latin America, DNV GL
MRV of NAMAs as a Key Element of National MRV Systems
David Rich, Senior Associate, Mitigation Accounting Initiative, WRI
Data and Methodologies
James Vener, Mitigation Economist, LECB Global Support Team, UNDP
Institutional Arrangements and Processes for MRV for NAMAs
10:30 Break
Presentation of country case examples, showing how the different elements (data management, institutional arrangements, legal and regulatory instruments) relevant for MRV of NAMAs interrelate.
Monica Echegoyen, Director, Global Environmental Policies, SEMARNAT, Mexico
Mexico:Registro Nacional de NAMA
Fernando Farias, Director, Climate Change, Ministry of Environment, Chile
Chile: Elemento clave de sistemas nacionales de MRV
Nazareno Castillo, Director, Climate Change, Secretary of Environment & Sustainable Development, Argentina
Argentina: Inventarios Nacionales, políticas públicas y MRV
Mohamed Zmerli, Ministry of Infrastructure, Land Management and Sustainable Development, Tunisia
12:30 Lunch
5. MRV of NAMAs (ii): Breakout sessions
Case studies on MRV of NAMAs from different sectors on application of principles and methodologies, institutional arrangements, and legal and regulatory instruments.
GROUP 1 Costa Rica Coffee
GROUP 2 Colombia Freight Transport
GROUP 3 Mexico Sustainable Housing
GROUP 4 Chile Self-supply Renewable Energy
15:15 Break
Group Discssion: peer advice to country representatives on current challenges they are dealing with. Concrete challenges of data management, institutional arrangements, such as legal and regulatory mechanisms for MRV of NAMAs more in depth, using selected examples from the region.
Reported back on results of parallel sessions and discussion of elements and options for successful institutional arrangements in the context of MRV of NAMAs at national level.
18:00 Wrap up
End of Day 2
Day 3: March 8, 2014
6. Good Practice Guidance for MRV at the Facility Level
Introduction on key facility-level GHG reporting program design features, using examples of reputed programs from outside the region. Identify necessary elements to include in emerging programs such as relevant lessons learnt and linkages for MRV at NAMA level and national level.
Sean Hogan, Climate Change Division, U.S.EPA
USA: EPA Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program
Tang Jin, R&D Director, SinoCarbon Innovation & Investment Co., Ltd. China
China: MRV Practice at Enterprise Level
Verena Graichen, Senior Researcher, Oeko-Institut
Características Principales del Diseño de Programas de Reporte de GEI a Nivel de Instalaciones
10:15 Break
Break out group session: Strengthening infrastructure and capacities for facility- level reporting to underpin robust and coordinated GHG data management.
Plenary discussion and macro-level session: a recap of issues introduced/discussed in preceding sessions; comment on good practice guidance and institutional/operational requirements; next steps to advance the discussed issues at national and regional levels.: Strengthening infrastructure and capacities for facility-level reporting to underpin robust and coordinated GHG data management.
13:00 Lunch
End of workshop

See also: webpage of the International MRV Parnership

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