Supporting Development of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs)

Establishing Post-2020 Mitigation Targets

In the run up to CoP21 in December 2015, countries will publically outline actions they intend to take under a global climate agreement. These pledges on mitigation are known as Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs). Their form and rigor will largely determine whether the world achieves an ambitious post-2020 climate agreement toward a low-carbon, climate-resilient future.

The PMR supports countries developing INDCs. This involves helping them develop post-2020 mitigation scenarios and analyzing effective, cost-efficient policy instruments to achieve climate change mitigation targets. Policy analysis is an important step to assess the impacts of adopting different carbon pricing instruments. Many countries are at a crossroads in their decision to adopt a specific pricing instrument, such as an emissions trading system or carbon tax, as a means to deliver mitigation objectives. 

Checklist on Establishing Post-2020 Emissions Pathways

The PMR has developed the Checklist on Establishing Post-2020 Emissions Pathways as a common methodology framework for use by PMR and non-PMR countries alike. The “Checklist” includes key components for setting medium- and long-term mitigation scenarios and is intended to facilitate transparency and understanding of the key indicators and assumptions used when constructing INDCs. 

The “Checklist” includes four components for setting mitigation scenarios:

  • Country Context: analyze and report historical information on emissions and the socio-economic significance of the sectors responsible for those emissions;

  • Baseline Pathways: outline four broad options that countries may want to adopt in the development of the baseline pathways;

  • Alternative Emissions Pathways: consider different ways in which countries might develop alternative emission pathways with lower emissions than in the baseline pathway; and

  • Results Presentation: present the technical analysis of the previous three components.

Visit the Polcy Work Program to learn more about the PMR's support of Post-2020 mitigation scenario work and support of INDC development.