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Mar 13, 2015 PDF icon Andrei Marcu: Report from CEPS Geneva Meeting on "Markets in the 2015 Agreement" Presentations
May 29, 2014 PDF icon PMR Case Studies on Corporate Preparation for Carbon Pricing Presentations
Oct 30, 2019 PDF icon Wagner_Health_cobenefits.pdf Presentations
Jun 05, 2014 PDF icon Chien - MRV in Taiwan voluntary reduction target and measures - Taiwan EPA Presentations
Apr 13, 2012 PDF icon ETS Workshop: Use of Offsets in Emissions Trading - Overview (Chinese) Presentations
Oct 18, 2016 PDF icon Charlotte Streck: Building registries to support robust accounting Presentations
Apr 26, 2016 PDF icon Chile: Agenda Cambio Climático Post COP21 (April 2016) Presentations
Jun 05, 2014 PDF icon Wu - Atmospheric Monitoring - LSCE Presentations
Nov 13, 2014 PDF icon Latest Developments under the UNFCC, including on the Framwork for Various Approaches Presentations
Feb 25, 2020 PDF icon Session 1 Introduction to communicating carbon pricing.pdf Presentations
Mar 12, 2014 PDF icon Session 1A - Update PMR Secretariat Presentations
Dec 06, 2013 PDF icon Cap-and-Trade Regulations: Key Elements Presentations
Nov 24, 2020 PDF icon J. Session 5. Putting it all togehter and Closing.pdf Presentations
Nov 06, 2017 PDF icon Côte d'Ivoire: New Technical Partner Presentation Presentations
Mar 30, 2017 PDF icon Kenneth Richards: Carbon Tax Guide: A Handbook for Policy Makers: Determining the Tax Rate Presentations
Mar 12, 2014 PDF icon Session 5A - MRV Instalaciones: China SinoCarbon Presentations
Dec 15, 2016 PDF icon UNFCCC: Nationally Determined Contributions: an Update Presentations
Nov 06, 2018 PDF icon Carbon Pricing and Argentina's Climate Policy Presentations
Nov 03, 2015 PDF icon China Carbon Market Center: Development of Emissions Trading System in China: Why and How Presentations
Dec 15, 2016 PDF icon Francesco Bosello: Linking NDCs and Agenda 2030: A Sustainability Analysis Presentations