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Nov 06, 2018 PDF icon Energy Efficiency Certificates Scheme EECs Presentations
Dec 15, 2016 PDF icon UNEP DTU Partnership: Quantitative Assessments of Mitigation Actions - Support Towards NDC Implementation Presentations
Nov 03, 2015 PDF icon Thailand: Greenhouse Gas Management Organization - Voluntary Emission Reduction Program (T-VER) Presentations
Jun 15, 2016 File Costa Rica: Assessing Climate Finance Options for Transformation Presentations
Apr 13, 2012 PDF icon ETS Workshop: Use of Offsets in Emissions Trading - European Commission Presentations
Mar 12, 2014 PDF icon Session 2A - Sistema Nacional MRV: US EPA Presentations
Nov 06, 2018 PDF icon Ukraine: Country Program Updates Presentations
Nov 25, 2020 PDF icon C. Session 1. Introduction to communications as a science.pdf Presentations
Dec 06, 2013 PDF icon Overview of Market Readiness Components and Illustration with PMR Countries Presentations
Feb 08, 2016 PDF icon New Climate Institute: Experiences from INDC preparation and implementation challenges: Post-Paris update Presentations
Feb 08, 2016 PDF icon Department of Energy and Climate Change, United Kingdom: Global Carbon Finance (GLOCAF) model Presentations
Oct 19, 2016 PDF icon Vietnam: Paris Agreement implementation - challenges in policy and investment planning Presentations
Apr 23, 2013 PDF icon Perspective from South Africa on Compensation/Revenue Recycling Measures Presentations
Mar 13, 2015 PDF icon Lambert Schneider: Crediting Mechanisms Beyond 2020 Presentations
Jun 06, 2014 PDF icon EU ETS - Felix Matthes Presentations
Feb 25, 2020 PDF icon Session 3 Preparing for communications design.pdf Presentations
Mar 17, 2016 PDF icon Climate Focus: Carbon Tax Guide: A Hand Book for Policy Makers Presentations
Apr 13, 2012 PDF icon Crediting Mechanisms Workshop: Indonesia Geothermal Energy Investment Presentations
Nov 13, 2014 PDF icon Comparison of Different Governance and Institutional Arrangements Presentations
Mar 30, 2017 PDF icon Brazil: Carbon and Fuel Taxes in Brazil Presentations