PMR Documents

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Jan 27, 2014 PDF icon Agenda: South-South Exchange Developing Domestic Offset Schemes Agenda
Apr 03, 2018 PDF icon Agenda: Consultative Workshop on Design Options for a PMR Successor Program Agenda
Oct 28, 2016 PDF icon Agenda: Paving the Way for NDC Implementation: Analyzing Policy Options and Modeling Carbon Pricing Agenda
Sep 07, 2017 PDF icon PA17: Draft Agenda Agenda
Feb 11, 2015 PDF icon PA11: Agenda Agenda
Sep 30, 2019 PDF icon PA21: Agenda Agenda
Oct 13, 2016 PDF icon Strategic Dialogue on NDC Implementation and Policy Reforms for Low-Carbon Development: Agenda Agenda
Sep 20, 2013 PDF icon Agenda: PMR MRV Training - Asia (Chinese) Agenda
Oct 23, 2015 PDF icon Low-Carbon Development in MENA High Level Event: Draft Agenda Agenda
Oct 13, 2020 PDF icon PA23 Agenda Technical Workshop.pdf Agenda
Oct 19, 2017 PDF icon Agenda_Role of Carbon Markets in Global Climate Action and Implications for Market Development Activities.pdf Agenda
May 14, 2013 PDF icon Agenda: Australia's Clean Energy Future Package Agenda
Oct 09, 2018 PDF icon Agenda: Carbon Pricing and Argentina's Climate Policy (ENGLISH) Agenda
Sep 07, 2017 PDF icon Draft Agenda: Role of Carbon Markets in Global Climate Action and Implications for Market Development Activities Agenda
Mar 16, 2017 PDF icon PA16: List of Participants Agenda
Feb 10, 2014 PDF icon PA8: Agenda Agenda
Mar 14, 2016 PDF icon Agenda: Carbon Pricing: Sustaining the Momentum after COP21 Agenda
Mar 18, 2013 PDF icon Agenda: Information Sharing on Emissiosn Trading in North America Agenda
Jun 15, 2012 PDF icon PA3: Agenda Agenda
Oct 26, 2015 PDF icon Agenda: PMR Insights on Post-2020 Carbon Markets Agenda