PMR Documents

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May 11, 2020 PDF icon PA22 co-chair summary_Final.pdf Agenda
Jan 21, 2016 PDF icon Draft Agenda: Post-2020 Mitigation Scenarios & Carbon Pricing Modelling Agenda
Oct 30, 2019 PDF icon PA 21_ List of Attendee Participants_Final.pdf Agenda
Dec 24, 2013 PDF icon Offsets Working Group Kick-off Meeting: Agenda Agenda
Jun 15, 2012 PDF icon PA3: Agenda Agenda
Apr 23, 2015 PDF icon PA12: Agenda Agenda
Feb 27, 2014 PDF icon Offsets Working Group Dinner: Agenda Agenda
Apr 04, 2017 PDF icon Agenda: Post-2020 Accounting: Implications for Carbon Pricing and Registries Agenda
Apr 07, 2020 PDF icon Virtual PA22 Agenda_Final.pdf Agenda
Feb 15, 2018 PDF icon PA18: Agenda Agenda
Apr 22, 2021 PDF icon PMR Virtual PA24 Agenda.pdf Agenda
Apr 09, 2018 PDF icon Agenda: Pathway to Achieving National Determined Contributions (NDCs): How LEDs can help countries advance climate action Agenda
Oct 09, 2014 PDF icon Technical Meeting on Interactions Between Energy and Carbon Pricing Policies: Agenda Agenda
Oct 08, 2020 PDF icon PA23_Draft Agenda_PMR Virtual.pdf Agenda
Sep 30, 2015 PDF icon Agenda: Building Registries to Support the Next Generation of Carbon Markets Agenda
Jan 24, 2014 PDF icon Agenda: MRV of NAMAs as Key Element of National MRV Systems Agenda
Jul 16, 2019 PDF icon PA20 Brussels Co-Chair's Summary Agenda
Apr 23, 2015 PDF icon Agenda: Upstream Policy Analysis for INDCs - Approaches, Challenges, Opportunities Agenda
Apr 11, 2017 PDF icon Agenda: New Perspectives on International Cooperation - Carbon Markets and Climate Finance under the Paris Agreement Agenda
Mar 22, 2018 PDF icon Agenda: Getting the Message Right: How to Effectively Communicate Carbon Pricing Agenda