PMR Documents

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Mar 07, 2013 PDF icon Guidance and Tool for the Development of Baselines (February 28 Version) Tools, Templates & Guides
Mar 07, 2013 PDF icon Questions & Issues for Consideration During March 11 Meeting Tools, Templates & Guides
Jul 27, 2016 File Templates for Additional Funding Proposals Tools, Templates & Guides
Apr 16, 2012 File Template: Market Readiness Proposal (MRP) version 3 Tools, Templates & Guides
May 26, 2015 PDF icon Guide for Designing Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Programs (May 2015) Tools, Templates & Guides
Nov 06, 2018 PDF icon Carbon Pricing and Argentina's Climate Policy Presentations
Jun 03, 2014 PDF icon British Columbia: Defining Tax Base and Tax Rates Presentations
Dec 15, 2016 PDF icon World Bank Group: EVALUATE Tool for International Cooperation on Carbon Pricing Policies Presentations
Nov 13, 2014 PDF icon Emerging Carbon Markets: Different Approaches Being Adopted Presentations
Nov 03, 2015 PDF icon PMR Secretariat: Post-2020 Carbon Markets Workshop Overview and Objectives Presentations
Jun 29, 2017 PDF icon M&E Meeting 2 Slides 14 June Presentations
Nov 06, 2018 PDF icon Kazakhstan: Country Program Update Presentations
Mar 12, 2014 PDF icon Session 2B - Sistema Nacional MRV: Mexico B INE Presentations
Apr 13, 2012 PDF icon Crediting Mechanisms Workshop: Mexico Policy Context for Scaling Up Mitigation Presentations
Nov 03, 2015 PDF icon Introduction of the Vietnam Partnership for Market Readiness Project (VNPMR) Presentation Presentations
Jul 31, 2012 PDF icon Baselines & Registry Workshop: India's Performance, Achieve & Trade (PAT) Scheme Presentations
Apr 13, 2012 PDF icon ETS Workshop: Coverage in Emissions Trading - European Commission Presentations
Oct 19, 2016 PDF icon Vietnam: Financing NDCs Presentations
Apr 12, 2012 PDF icon PA1: Expert Views on Market Readiness - Richard Baron Presentations
Apr 23, 2013 PDF icon OECD modeling and contributions to policy discussions Presentations