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May 17, 2018 PDF icon Cote d'Ivoire: Proposal for Policy Analysis Activities Presentation Presentations
Jun 05, 2014 PDF icon Mantlana - South Africa national carbon tax - dpt env affairs Presentations
Nov 09, 2014 PDF icon GDF SUEZ: Ready for Carbon Pricing? Challenges and Opportunities for the Energy Sector Presentations
Apr 13, 2012 PDF icon ETS Workshop: Why Emissions Trading - Tokyo Presentations
Oct 30, 2019 PDF icon Revenue Use Event Carbon Tax SA Recycling Measures 221019.pdf Presentations
Mar 12, 2014 PDF icon Session 1B - Panorama General: WRI MRV Presentations
Jun 06, 2014 PDF icon RGGI - Will Space Presentations
Dec 06, 2013 PDF icon Competitiveness: Concepts, Concerns, and Policy Responses Presentations
Mar 12, 2014 PDF icon Session 5B - Registro de Emisiones: Mexico SEMARNAT Presentations
Nov 03, 2015 PDF icon Technical Workshop 14: Vivid Economics: Carbon Leakage: Theory and Evidence Presentations
Nov 06, 2017 PDF icon Japan: Options for accounting for ITMOs under the Paris Agreement Presentations
Mar 17, 2016 PDF icon Federal Office for the Environment FOEN: Swiss Climate Policy: Role Of Carbon Tax Presentations
Apr 23, 2013 PDF icon Insights and experience on analyses of proposed Federal climate bills in the USA Presentations
Dec 15, 2016 PDF icon China: Case Study Presentations
Jun 15, 2016 PDF icon Uganda: RBCF and Feed-in Tariffs for Renewables Presentations
Apr 25, 2013 PDF icon Perspective from Chile Presentations
Apr 13, 2012 PDF icon ETS Workshop: Allocation in Emissions Trading Overview (Chinese) Presentations
Nov 06, 2018 PDF icon Chile: Promoting Voluntary Action Presentations
Feb 08, 2016 PDF icon Costa Rica: NDCs –Stepping stones towards a low-carbon future (PMR Country Case Study: Costa Rica) Presentations
May 26, 2013 PDF icon Presentation of PMR Technical Note 4: “Supporting GHG Mitigation Actions with Effective Data Management Systems” Presentations