PMR Documents

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Nov 06, 2018 PDF icon Indonesia: Country Program Update Presentations
Dec 15, 2016 PDF icon PMR Secretariat: Policy MRV Presentations
Jun 15, 2016 PDF icon SEI: Environmental Integrity, Baselines, and Policy Uncertainty – Charting a Path Forward Presentations
Apr 24, 2013 PDF icon Perspective on Modeling Work on Emissions Trading in China Presentations
Nov 06, 2018 PDF icon Vivid Economics: De-risking Investment and Climate Auctions Presentations
Nov 03, 2015 PDF icon World Bank: GHG Emissions Trading Systems Rationale and Design Elements Presentations
Jul 31, 2012 PDF icon Baselines & Registry Workshop: OECD Comments on Baselines for the New Market Mechanism Presentations
Apr 13, 2012 PDF icon ETS Workshop: Cap Setting in Emissions Trading - Australia Presentations
Apr 13, 2012 PDF icon ETS Workshop: Institutional Arrangement for Emissions Trading - Overview (Chinese) Presentations
Oct 19, 2016 PDF icon Chile: Policy and Investment Planning for a Country’s Contribution to Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Presentations
Oct 30, 2019 PDF icon Sweden revenues.pdf Presentations
Feb 08, 2016 PDF icon World Bank: Reconciling Carbon Pricing with Energy Policies in Developing Countries Presentations
Jun 05, 2014 PDF icon Stephan - MRV sector - CDC Climat Presentations
Mar 13, 2015 PDF icon Louis Redshaw: Finance and Emissions Trading - 10 Years of Developments in the EU Presentations
Apr 13, 2012 PDF icon ETS Workshop: Why Emissions Trading - China Presentations
Mar 17, 2016 PDF icon Climate Focus: Carbon Tax Guide: A Hand Book for Policy Makers Presentations
Mar 12, 2014 PDF icon Session 3A - MRV de NAMAs: PNUD Arreglos Institucionales Presentations
Apr 10, 2015 PDF icon PMR Webinar Feb 2015 UNFCCC Technical Brief Voluntary Cancellation of CERs for Domestic Offset Schemes Presentations
Mar 30, 2017 PDF icon Brazil: Carbon and Fuel Taxes in Brazil Presentations
Dec 15, 2016 PDF icon Costa Rica: Developing a Modeling Framework for NDC Pathways Presentations