Partnership Assembly Meeting (PA6): Barcelona

The 6th meeting of the Partnership Assembly took place in Barcelona, Spain
Turkey received a funding allocation to support its MRP and Indonesia presented a draft MRP for feedback. In addition, representatives from Kazakhstan and Shanghai provided updates on their respective domestic emissions trading programs. The PMR Secretariat provided a modality for evaluation of the PMR's work.
May 27 - 28, 2013
Barcelona, Spain
Day 1: October 22, 2013
8:30 Registration
1. Opening and Introduction
Co-Chair: Juan Pedro Searle, Ministry of Energy, Chile
Co-Chair: Robert Owen-Jones, Department of Climate Change & Energy Efficiency, Australia
Xueman Wang, PMR Secretariat
2. Country Information Sharing
Implementing Country Participants updated the PA on their PMR activities, in particular on the status of their MRP. The updates were made through PowerPoint presentations or oral briefings.
Gulmira Sergazina, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan: Domestic Emissions Trading Development
Qingqing Li, Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange, China
China: Shanghai Emissions Trading Scheme
Indira Al-Dahabi, Ministry of Environment, Jordan
Jordan: The National Climate Change Policy 2013-2020
Yuji Mizuno, Ministry of the Environment, Japan
11:00 Break
3.1 Presentation of Final MRPs for Decision on MRP Implementation Funding
Turkey presented a draft MRP at PA5 in Washington, DC for feedback from the PA. Based on this feedback, Turkey revised its MRP. In this session, Turkey presented the core elements of its final MRP, highlighting significant changes from the draft version. Adoption of a resolution on funding allocation is under agenda item 11.
Şule Özkal, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Turkey
Turkey: Final MRP Presentation
Turkey: Final MRP
12:30 Lunch
3.2 Presentation of Draft MRPs
Indonesia presented its draft MRP in order to seek feedback from the PA; a representative from the PMR Expert Group who carried out the Expert Feedback Process also presented observations and suggestions. No funding consideration at this meeting.
Dicky Hindarto, National Council on Climate Change, Indonesia
Indonesia: Draft MRP Presentation
Indonesia: Draft MRP
Dian Phylipsen, SQ Consult B.V.
Indonesia: Expert MRP Presentation
16:00 Break
4. Ideas and Key Issues in Developing Crediting Mechanisms
Participants shared and discussed ideas on the design of domestic and international crediting mechanisms. The World Bank Carbon Finance Unit is working on the design of new crediting mechanisms. The CFU shared its initial thinking with Participants.
Klaus Oppermann, World Bank
Policy MRV–Quantifying Climate Benefits of Climate-friendly Fiscal/Economic Policies
Alexandrina Platonova-Oquab, World Bank
Carbon Crediting Options to Support Climate Action in Cities
Michael Lazarus, Stockholm Environment Institute
17:45 Wrap up
End of Day 1
Day 2: May 28, 2013
5. Updates on Countries’ MRPs
Implementing Country Participants updated the PA on their PMR activities, in particular on the status of their MRPs. Participants did verbal or PowerPoint presentations.
Carlos Pardo, Ministry of Environment, Colombia
Colombia: MRP Preparation Phase – Outline of Progress
Chaiwat Muncharoen, Greenhouse Gas Management Organization, Thailand
Thailand: MRP Update
10:00 Break
6. Update on Knowledge Management
Fostering knowledge exchange is a core objective of the PMR. The Secretariat provided an update on the expert meeting on Modeling of Carbon Pricing Instruments held in April 2013, presented the proposed Technical Work Program: Building Readiness for Implementation (Note PA6-2013-1) for feedback and endorsement, and briefed the PA on the next phase of enhancements of the PMR website.
Martina Bosi, PMR Secretariat
Update on Expert Meeting on Modeling of Carbon Pricing Initiatives
Mike McCormick and Martina Bosi, PMR Secretariat
Technical Work Program Overview
Note PA6-2013-1
Sarah Moyer, PMR Secretariat
Ben Rattenbury, Columbia University
Website Enhancement: Report on Collaboration with Columbia University
7. Modality for Monitoring and Evaluation Framework
In response to the request made during PA5, the Secretariat prepared a document Draft Proposal for the Establishment of a PMR Results Framework (Note PA6-2013-2) that outlines approaches and indicators for monitoring progress of the PMR’s operations, including at the country level.
Xueman Wang, PMR Secretariat
Proposed Modality for Monitoring the Progress of the PMR
Note PA6-2013-2
12:30 Lunch
8. Strategic Orientation of the PMR
Xueman Wang, PMR Secretariat
Strategic Direction of the PMR
15:00 Break
9. Fiscal Year 2014 Budget and Next Steps
Sarah Moyer, PMR Secretariat
Annual Budget Review and Proposal FY13 and FY14
Note PA6-2013-3
Meeting and MRP Schedule for PA7
10. Election of Co-chairs for PA7
In accordance with the Governance Framework, the World Bank will chair the first two meetings of the PA. Subsequent meetings will be co-chaired by a representative elected, respectively, from the Contributing Participants and from the Implementing Country Participants. Co-chairs serve for one PA meeting. Contributing and Implementing Country Participants meet separately to elect their respective co-chair. Each group announced the results of their decision to the PA.
Election of Co-Chairs
11. Decisions
Adoption of Decisions by Participants
o Allocation of the Implementation Phase Funding to Turkey
Resolution No. PA6/2013-1
o Authorizing Budget for Fiscal Year 2014
Resolution No. PA6/2013-3
17:00 Wrap up
18:30 Reception
End of PA6

Meeting Documents

MRP Updates