International Offsets in a Domestic Context

This new PMR report presents a framework to support policy makers in making informed decisions about if and how existing international offset standards can be used in a national context. 

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Crediting and Mitigation

A new PMR study looks at the role crediting activities play to stimulate scaled-up mitigation. The study suggests that crediting can facilitate national climate policy development and discusses ways to assess how crediting-related activities foster mitigation under multiple policy instruments.

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New MRV Guide

This guide covers the four basic steps to design a greenhouse gas reporting program: determine program objectives; create an enabling environment for program design and implementation; determine program structure and requirements; and conduct program review.

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ETS news from China

The China Carbon Market Monitor provides timely information across the seven Chinese pilot carbon markets. It also provides analysis of climate policy and market developments at the national level.

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Platform for Exchanges

The Partnership Assembly (PA) is the decision-making body of the PMR. PA meetings are a key platform for knowledge sharing, facilitating discussions on collective and cost-effective readiness activities. The next PA meeting is in Barcelona on May 29-30, 2015. 

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Emissions Trading System (ETS) is an explicit carbon pricing instrument that limits the allowed amount of GHG emissions and lets market forces determine the carbon price Read More >>

© 2015 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank. This map was taken from the State and Trends of Carbon Pricing report 2014, developed by the World Bank and Ecofys, and published in May 2014. It was modified in March 2015 for the PMR website.

Carbon Tax is levied against a specified amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Entities subject to the tax pay according to the amount of emissions produced.  Read More >>

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Scaled-up Mitigation Programs are international policy instruments that generate sector-wide (or sub-sector) credits. These credits can be sold in an international carbon market Read More >>